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This summer, Heartbeat of Jerez presents two incredible shows, showcasing the thriving flamenco culture of Jerez de la Frontera in two distinct ways. The first show brings us to the streets of Jerez, where flamenco organically arises from the voices, hands, and feet of its people. The second show is a masterful presentation of the depths of styles unique to Jerez, featuring an outstanding ensemble led by three authentic masters from Jerez:

 Saray Garcia, Juan Zarzuela, and Juan Junquera Cortes.

Heartbeat of Jerez Flamenco Festival Logo

¡Vivencias Flamencas!

The sweet aroma of jasmine and rosemary on the air, the laughter of playing children, the hypnotic rhythms of knuckles on wooden tables, and the liberation of song erupting from the smallest moment of revelation. A tourist encounters the flamenco underworld and is transformed.


Based on the true story of how Nick Wickstrom "El Guapo" met Juan Junquera Cortes, this show is told through the lens of the streets of Jerez. This is flamenco in its pure, organic state, bringing its warmth and community from Jerez to the East Coast.


Flamenco Puro Jerez

Flamenco gives profound meaning to the mundane, celebrates the joys and suffering of each individual, and gives a prophetic air to feelings that transpire directly from the moment. Flamenco Puro Jerez demonstrates a full array of styles unique to Jerez, from the brisk and festive rhythms of Tangos, to the aching and powerful depths of Seguirillas- and with a Fin de Fiesta por Bulerias, Flamenco Puro Jerez reminds us all that our greatest resource is our community. 

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