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August 12-16, 2024 9am-3pm

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an immersive summer course at the brookline music school 

This week-long immersive course is open to all students age 12-18* who wish to enroll! Our unique course gives every student the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of rhythms, techniques, and experience creating flamenco live as part of ensembles with other students. Each step of the way is guided by our invited flamenco teaching artists. A performance sample is requested from each applicant to organize classes.

*exceptions can be made upon request.



Taught by all teachers.

Palmas, Compás, y Jaleos

This class is imperative for all students, and will serve as the basis for understanding all of flamenco. We will learn the two styles of palmas, or clapping, and how to play appropriately to mark the compás, or rhythmic meter, with soniquete, or ‘swing’. In addition, we will learn various jaleos, or words of encouragement, shouted at various inspired moments to energize the dancer, singer, or guitar player.


Cante students will learn how to enter the music with various salidas de cante, and a collection of useful and well known letra. Students will explore their own feelings and ways to bring out their own unique voice within flamenco.

Juan Zarzuela

Taught by Juan Zarzuela*
*private lessons can be arranged

Saray García

Taught by Saray Garcia*

*private lessons can be arranged


Baile students will learn the basics of technique: foot anatomy, arm and hand work, details of the body, etc. The students will also learn basic ‘marcajes’ or ‘marks’ to practice the rhythms and movements of flamenco for both Tangos and Bulerias.


Guitar students will begin technique with basic left and right hand posture, as well as the two most important 'toques' in flamenco: Pulgar and Rasgueo. Students will learn a variety of falsetas to incorporate their techniques, and how to accompany a singer and a dancer.

Flamenco Guitar Masterclass 2023

Taught by Juan Junquera Cortes*

*private lessons can be arranged

Saray García Ensemble

Taught by all teachers.


All students of the program will be placed in a class according to their level, designed to teach the nuances of accompanying one another in a flamenco performance setting. Each student will get a chance to perform with one another and learn how to communicate with the group.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for students who wish to have a dedicated one-on-one session with any of our teachers. Lessons will be held on campus at the Brookline Music School, or may be arranged at the home of the student.

Private Lesson (Flamenco Guitar)
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